Oh Little Town of Ledyard, How Still We See Thee Lie

I’m just a plainspoken Colorado criminal defense lawyer, but the way I see it…

In New York, where it is actually legal for two people who claim to love each other to get married, at least one elected town clerk there has decided the law is messing with her religious freedom to allow bigotry to trump her sworn oath to uphold and defend the laws of the state.

Rose Marie Belforti, town clerk of Ledyard, just doesn’t think it’s right that she should have to sign a marriage license upon which is written two names suspiciously sounding either both male or both female. Everybody knows, she says, God damns homosexuals, so why should she have to help them get married?

Plus, it’s confusing when some of the names on the certificates she’s required to sign — names like Jessie, Leslie, Jamie, and Jackie — could be either gender. Good Lord, what’s she supposed to do when Frankie and Johnnie want to get married? She could accidentally be aiding and abetting something really…dirty.

So I couldn’t agree with her more: she shouldn’t have to be forced by some secular-sounding governmental technicality to participate in this mess. No, she should definitely seek holier work elsewhere that doesn’t profane the word of God. Let someone else do the obvious work of the Devil.

I’m guessing the upcoming November election may prove it is God’s will to let her off the hook.

Either way, she could spend much more time in church, perhaps signing the visas God needs to legally send all those damned homosexuals to hell.


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