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[Editor’s Note: Sadmir Karović, Master of Law, is an independent researcher in Bosnia and Herzegovina whose interests encompass both the criminal law and international human rights. He is a member of the International Expert Team Council of the Institute for Research of Genocide, in Ontario. The organization is dedicated to the memory of the mass murder of more than six thousand Bosnian Muslims in and around Srebrenica during the Bosnian War in July 1995, to the memory of the Holocaust, and to preventing genocide of any people. Other members include Nobel Laureate Sir Elie Wiesel and Branko Lustig, producer, production designer and actor for the film “Schindler’s List.” Sadmir has written extensively about crimes against humanity, organized crime in the Western Balkans, and other topics in the criminal law. I’m pretty sure his first language is Bosnian, so please forgive him any English grammatical errors, which I have not edited in the interest of authenticity. I am honored by his kind permission to publish this brief article here.]

Prevention of Crime — Challenges and Perspectives

Prevention of crime is an important field of human activity in creating a sense of security among citizens. Unfortunately, prevention of crime are often ignored and marginalized. Area criminal etiology of crime is essential to create preventive strategies aimed at the prevention of crime and other forms of destructive behavior. The negative phenomena in society require special treatment experts in various fields (sociologists, lawyers, criminologists, psychologists …) because these are the appearance of a multidisciplinary nature.

There are many theories about the causation of crime that try to give answers to important questions causal crime. The theories of causation have different explanations and views on the causes of crime. The causes of crime can be objective and subjective nature. Criminal etiology is important and essential research field that determines the possible and proportionate to the modalities of preventive action in the future.

Crime is a complex social phenomenon that is constantly changing, adapting to the new conditions. The fundamental question is: Why is happening crime … ?? !! The man as a human being is the focus of science and profession. Crime is a constant companion of man, since the creation of man to the present day. Science and professions are trying to provide valid and acceptable answers to criminological questions.

However, negative phenomena in society (crime, violence and other forms of destruction) are repeated … again, again and again … The prevention strategy must be based on the elimination or reduction of causes, that is the essence …

So, first you need to identify and define the causes of crime and then create a preventive strategy and preventive programs. Crime prevention must include specific mechanisms for protection and be consistent with the needs of real life. The existence of a discrepancy between theory and practice is one of the essential problems. Prevention programs and strategies must be consistent with real life (the conditions, needs …).

Establishing individual criminal responsibility in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the reaction to crime is an alarm to a preventive strategy contains certain deficiencies and negative characteristics. Crime prevention encompasses a set of activities and measures and actions before the commission of the crime. Social prevention is an important form of prevention that includes all entities and individuals (family, school …) in respect of crime prevention such negative phenomena in society. Social prevention includes activities of all entities and individuals focused on the recognition and promotion of universal human values.

Law enforcement agencies must establish partnerships with all companies and individuals in the joint fight crime … it is imperative … Cooperation and partnership of law enforcement agencies with the citizens is very important preventive part of the constellation of establishing and implementing prevention programs and strategies.

Science and profession must be interconnected, harmonized, coordinated and focused on negative phenomena in society (crime, violence, destruction …). Crime is a multidisciplinary problem … not only a problem of law enforcement agencies !!! We all need to contribute to the prevention of crime and other negative phenomena in society. It is our social and personal responsibility. I hope and believe that this short article about crime prevention have positive reflections … Prevention of crime is the key to success …!!!


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