Gift of the Magi

I’m just a plainspoken Colorado criminal defense lawyer, but the way I see it…

Sometimes Santa Claus comes to town in a three-piece suit.

Last month an Oklahoma lawyer wrote about the Artesia immigration detention center in New Mexico, which closed just after Christmas.

An immigration law firm in my neck of the woods, Kolko & Associates, traversed afar to Artesia a couple weeks before the holiday. These lawyers bore the gifts of the magi with them, representing for free fourteen families trying to bond out of imprisonment to spend the holiday outside the barbed wire.

The four wise men and women were David Kolko, Jennifer Casey, Bryon M. Large, and Jessica Bunnell. They wrapped their gifts in the tools of their trade — words — and delivered them fifteen days before the date many people celebrate as the birth of another immigrant.

All fourteen families were reunited, for at least this Christmas, this new year, this celebration.

Judge Ebenezer apparently had the day off.



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