Search and Seizure

Question: If an officer stops you to ask you to explain your actions, is it he and only he who has the right to frisk you? or does a 3rd party officer unaffiliated with the conversation have the right to frisk for his safety?

Answer: I know he probably seems like a big butt-in, but a fellow officer is entitled to help at any stage of an investigatory stop or arrest or, for that matter, any kind of police work.


Question: Cops came and asked if son is in home , asked if they could look around, starting looking in my drawers, arrested me and husband on possession charges, is this legal?


If you answered yes, they could look around, it was legal for them to enter and look around. If you answered yes, they could look inside closed things, it was legal for them to look inside closed things. If you said no, or if they didn’t ask, it was not legal.

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