Question: My husband has 1 DWAI conviction for the state of MN in 2002, and a 2nd DWAI conviction in CO in 2003. He just got arrested for driving under the influence with a BAC of .326 on Dec. of 2007 in CO again. What kind of jail time is he looking at that is mandatory?


Because of the rather high blood alcohol, he’s facing a mandatory 90 days in jail. Up to 80 of those days MAY be suspended by the judge, with alcohol education and treatment conditions.

Don’t wait, though; he needs to get into a program right now, to save his legal hide, and his mortal hide.

Good luck.


Question: I had a DUI in 1988 in Weld County, CO.  I cannot remember if during the negotiations if it was a deferred sentence or not.  How would I be able to find out if it was deferred?

Answer: Call the clerk of the court.


Question: Do i plead gulity do i have a right to a public defender? never been in trouble before dont know

Answer: Do NOT plead guilty to anything until you’ve talked with an attorney. At your arraignment, ask to reschedule  the hearing, without pleading anything, so that you can apply for a public defender. The court, or its clerk, can tell you how to do that. You can also call the public defender’s office right now.

Good luck.