When You Hate Being a Lawyer

I’m just a plainspoken Colorado criminal defense lawyer, but the way I see it…

Saw an article today in “The Colorado Lawyer,” the journal of the state’s bar association. It’s called “Laughter – the Antidote for Those Days When You Hate Being a Lawyer.” I like laughter. There isn’t nearly enough of it, anywhere in the world. But I didn’t like the title of this article.

I’ve never had one of those days where I hate being a lawyer. There are plenty of things I hate, but that isn’t one of them. This is what I really hate:

 Police who lie on the witness stand (or anyplace else for that matter).

 District attorneys who somehow can’t look past the law to see the person who has allegedly violated that law.

 Judges whose scales of justice bend more weightily toward re-election than actual justice.

 Lawyers whose first loyalty is to their wallets rather than to their clients.

 Clients who think they can outsmart their lawyers (they probably can, but the people you want to outsmart sit on the other side of the courtroom).

And what do I really love? When I can get a cop, a DA, a judge, a lawyer, or a client to remember their humanity, and respect the long line of experiences, choices, and mistakes that brought all of them to that particular point in time we call, now.


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