Sorry, President Clinton, But You’ve Been Recalled

I’m just a plainspoken Colorado criminal defense lawyer, but the way I see it…

According to Russian news reports, when Crimea votes on 16 March whether to join Mother Russia, the election won’t be considered valid unless more than 50 percent of potential voters cast ballots.

If we had that same requirement here in the United States, Bill Clinton would never have served his second term, when voter turnout was only 49 percent. Neither Calvin Coolidge nor Warren Harding would ever have been President, with 48.9  and 49.2 percent respective turnout).

By that standard, George Bush the Younger barely slipped into office, when only 50.3 percent of the voters showed up (to be terribly accurate, the margin was only one vote: some guy named Scalia). George the Elder (like son, like father) also barely made it with the same 50.3 percent turnout.

In a sidebar, if Crimea does muster enough energy to hide under Mother’s skirt, Georgia might run the other way to join NATO. Can South Carolina be far behind?


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