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[Editor’s Note: E. Simmons is a licensed and experienced private investigator for Crime Scenes2 Investigations. Her agency does various types of investigations as they relate to family law, civil law and criminal law such as fraud, infidelity, cold cases, theft (internal and external), missing persons, asset location, witness location, and so on. They also do presentations and workshops on how to utilize private investigators for cases, understanding and working with clients from a cultural perspective, safety, security and so on. They never sleep, and abide by all laws — so watch it.]

5 Reasons Why Every Lawyer MUST have a Private Investigator

  1. Saves Time: Hiring a Private Investigator frees up precious time for the Lawyer to focus on the most important thing – the case.
  2. Saves Money: The Private Investigator saves the Client money by locating witnesses, providing necessary surveillance, researching… in less time than it would take if the Lawyer was researching on her/his own. Imagine what the costs would be without an Investigator. *If the case budget is minimal to non-existent, then it is better to work with a Private Investigator who will either work Pro Bono or at a reduced fee.
  3. Objective Perspective: The Private Investigator brings a separate objective perspective into the case, separate from the Lawyer who is involved in the case day-to-day.
  4. Independence: The Private Investigator brings an independent perspective to the case. This is because the Private Investigator does not work in the office day-to-day, does not have the close relationship with the Client and does not have vested interest in the guilt or innocence of the Client. The Private Investigator is detached from the case. The Private Investigator’s work is to gather the facts.
  5. Tireless: The Private Investigator does all the leg work and time consuming work such as tracking down what needs to be tracked down, following leads and unpursued trails, surveillance… Whatever the case requires.

Well-trained, licenced and experienced Private Investigators have the experience to research even the most mundane and minute material. This allows the Lawyer to fully focus on their Client’s case and defence.

Every Lawyer must have a Private Investigator as part of their toolkit. Private Investigators are a key resource for any Lawyer especially, Lawyers involved in Wrongful Conviction and Cold Cases. Such cases are long, complicated and laden with years (and sometimes decades) of documents.


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