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I’m just a plainspoken Colorado criminal defense lawyer, but the way I see it…

Tremendous news for DUI lawyers looking to expand their practice: by royal decree Saudi women can soon drive just like a man, though you still won’t be able to tell for sure whether it’s really a woman behind the wheel, because of the clothing restrictions.

The decree came thirteen years earlier than King Salman said it would, though one hundred thirty-two years later than Saudi women hoped it would. You can see the jubilation in their eyes; you can’t see it anywhere else, again because of the clothing restrictions.

It isn’t clear whether they’ll be allowed to drive everything on wheels (four-wheeling may still be restricted to citizens who don’t have clothing restrictions), or whether they’ll be allowed to park in spaces normally reserved for their men.

Saudi mamas still can’t let their lady babies grow up to be cowboys, but starting next June they can go ahead and let ‘em pick guitars and drive them old trucks.

[NOTE: A dear colleague of mine points out that I myself may be prematurely jubilant about the newly created job prospects for DUI lawyers in Saudi Arabia. Apparently it’s illegal there not only to drink and drive, but to drink at all. Punishment is a public lashing, and I think they lash the lawyers, too.]


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  1. James A Bordonaro 23 October 2017 at 9:19 pm #

    Most Muslims believe that modesty in dress is a virtue. A lot of other religious and non-religious people believe that too. Not everybody that dresses a particular way is oppressed.

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