Heil to the Chief

This is NOT the Boy Scout Jamboree


I’m just a plainspoken Colorado criminal defense lawyer, but the way I see it…

President Donald Trump has mixed up the Boy Scouts of America with the Hitler Youth.

Appearing at the quadrennial Boy Scout Jamboree, Trump talked Realpolitik to children, while rallying them to boo persons ridiculously better than he. He demanded their loyalty, and even thanked them for their votes, apparently unaware children don’t yet have the vote in this country. (Is there anything about the structure and functioning of the United States government of which he is NOT unaware?)

The Hitler Youth, but not the Boy Scouts, were expected to swear fealty to their Führer.

The Hitler Youth, but not the Boy Scouts, could be roused to denounce all former leaders before the Führer.

The Hitler Youth, but not the Boy Scouts, may have been impressed by a man boasting about his crowd sizes, and his man sizes, when in fact neither are impressive.

The Hitler Youth, but not the Boy Scouts, could forgive the fact that their Führer was a mean little boy dressed in the garments of a fully grown man.

President Donald Trump, presiding over an ever-deepening swamp he pretends to drain, told the Scouts, “I’d much rather be with you.”

So would we, but here’s the thing:

He’s not worthy of the Boy Scouts.

He’s probably not even worthy of the Hitler Youth he mistook them for.


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One Response to Heil to the Chief

  1. James Bordonaro 3 August 2017 at 1:36 pm #

    I am very hesitant to ever use words associated with Nazism when discussing current events so as not to detract from the horror of that ideology.

    Putting that aside I am astounded that the leadership of the Boy Scouts ever invited him to speak regardless of their tradition of extending an invitation to the sitting president.

    Also of concern is the degree to which the scouts in attendance and their parents or troop leaders applauded. While they are children I assume most have a basic knowledge of civics and follow current events. They should have been “primed” to walk out, turn their backs or at least remain silent knowing that the President has at almost every speech attempted to denigrate some group of people and lies on almost every occasion. If these scouts believe themselves to be the most trustworthy of their peers heaven help us all!

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