Golds Just Wanna Have Fun


I’m just a plainspoken Colorado criminal defense lawyer, but the way I see it…

We in the United States of America, through neither aspiration nor effort of our own, were born into what we like to think of as the lucky country. Superpower, endless opportunity and wealth — at least for one percent of us.

So when we travel to a country we might consider less fortunate, you’d think we would at least be nice to the poor unlucky bastards who live there.

Not so a few drunken swimmers of the American Olympic team, particularly one silver-haired god who dropped from the sky to grace the good folk of Brazil with his presence, then dishonor himself in his absence.

It wasn’t so much that they trashed a bathroom in Rio. Who hasn’t done that? To blame the victim, however, to inflame by lie the perception that what else could they expect but to be attacked and robbed in that third-world hellhole, that should have been beneath even a member of the one percent.

Maybe worse was the Olympic official who tried to excuse the boys as high-strung athletes just trying to have a little fun. It’s enough to make Cyndi Lauper want to drop dead just to be able to turn over in her grave.


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