You Don’t Have To Fight Them Alone

The police and the prosecutor have charged you with a crime. You need help. Help is a phone call or an e-mail away. Don’t wait too long.


First things first: do not, under any circumstances, talk any further with the police or any member of the prosecutor’s office.

Even if you are totally innocent – especially if you are totally innocent – that is the last thing you want to do without an attorney. The police and the prosecutor have no interest in proving you innocent. Like the warning says, anything you say can and will be used against you, in ways you cannot even imagine.


Next: Tell your lawyer the truth. Believe it or not, the truth can set you free.

That gavel up there to your left is going to do one of two things in your criminal case when the judge slams it down: punish you with a fine, probation, or jail (sometimes all three); or dismiss your case and set you free. That’s it. Guilty or not guilty.

We both know the truth is more complicated than that. In its complications lie the seeds of your defense. Together we’ll probe the complications, plant the seeds, reap the harvest. The harvest may not always be a plea or verdict of not guilty. Because the harvest is the truth, and the truth is not merely what happened, but how it happened, and why it happened, and what should happen next. That is your birthright. That is your freedom. We’ll examine your case, fit the facts to the law, vigorously defend your every constitutional and statutory right, and make the prosecution either prove its case beyond the reasonable doubt you’re entitled to, or fold their tent and dismiss the most serious charges against you, or even all the charges.


So what do I do now?

Take a look around this web site. Spend some time reading the blog: you’ll learn more there than you ever could in a single phone conversation with me. See if this is the kind of lawyer you want representing you in front of the guy or gal with the gavel. The kind of lawyer who will dedicate his best effort to win you your best result.

Then make the phone call. Write the e-mail. Get the help you need and deserve.


Rosmarin Law is a criminal defense law firm that handles misdemeanor and felony charges whether filed in municipal court, county court, district court, or federal court.

Whether a traffic ticket, assault, DV (domestic violence), DUI, theft, sex offense, or homicide, your Constitutional right in this country is the best defense available.

This firm is determined to give it to you.

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